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Videos to purchase

Welcome to my new range of videos to allow you to practise your Pilates at home.

Please refer to product details and read additional information and terms before purchasing.

A tip! ­čĺí

These are large files and download time will depend on your broadband speed and your browser. Browsers create caches of files over time and this can slow the browser's response to large downloads. The download will normally be faster If the browser cache is cleared first. For example, on a fast broadband connection the largest file (Beginners' Pilates) required 4 minutes to download on Safari, but after clearing the browser cache this reduced to 75 seconds.

Low resolution sample



Beginners' Pilates
48 minutes


Morning Pilates
16 minutes


Evening Pilates
36 minutes


Wake up the stomach muscles
21 minutes


Looking after the back
34 minutes


Let's work this a little bit harder
18 minutes


Guidance & terms of business for video downloads

Using the videos

As with any form of exercise it is important that you listen to your body. Do not continue if you are experiencing discomfort over and above that which you might expect from exercising muscles that may not be used to it!

And, of course, if you have a medical condition that requires you to take extra care when exercising, it would be advisable to take medical advice before proceeding.

Ordering process

All orders are placed through PayPal.

There is a cart system that will display the details of your purchases before you place the order. You can edit these details before placing the order.

Confirmation of the order will provide you with links to download the individual products along with contact details should you need to query anything. The links will remain valid for two days. If, for any reason, you are unable to download the file before expiry, please contact us quoting the order number.

Please note that my company is not registered for VAT.

The download

The download will be in the form of a compressed folder (zip) that you will need to uncompress. The file(s) are quite large so please be patient.

The zip file normally only requires a double-click, whereupon the contents will be displayed in a folder in the same location as the zip folder. The folder will contain the video file and a copy of this information in a text document.

Technical tips

Unfortunately the complexity of video file formats makes it difficult to guarantee that any one format will play on all platforms. The file format you will receive is mp4, which should be playable on a wide range of devices.

If you have an Apple® device then importing the video into Photos will allow you to play it direct from the application. If you have enabled sharing of photos between devices then it will automatically be available on each. Note, however, the need to check the option in Photos/Preferences/General to copy imported items to the Photos Library.

The Windows® system does not natively support the mp4 file format but there are many applications available as add-ons. The recommended free application is VLC, which is well reviewed and available for practically all devices. Using this will greatly simplify playing your video.

The file should play on Android® devices. Once again, there is recourse to the VLC player application if you experience any difficulties.

It is possible to mirror the screen of a computer, phone or tablet with a TV wirelessly, but each system has its own quite specific requirements. A more reliable way is to link the device to the TV using an HDMI cable adapter suitable for connection to whichever sending device you are using.

If you still require assistance please feel free to contact us.

Terms of sale

I am an independent Pilates instructor. I believe that these videos are reasonably priced and I would urge you not share them. Besides being in breach of copyright it will affect my ability to continue to offer additional lessons in the future.

Please note that refunds for digital downloads will not normally be offered.

I will of course attempt to resolve any technical issues that you might be experiencing.

Please use the email address below if you are experience problems.