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Covid-19 Notice

Current situation with regard to COVID-19
Version 1.0 - 3 June 2020

My studio is currently closed and there is no certainty as to when it will be possible to reopen.
Furthermore it is unclear what measures will be required to permit reopening.

This message will be updated as more information becomes available.

It is likely that when the government gives the go ahead for gyms and other recreational buildings to reopen it will be the subject to controls.

At that time I will consider the viability of applying the specified controls and if I believe these to be practicable, I will reopen the studio.

At this time we have no idea of what these controls might be.

If I reopen the studio in the belief that I can apply the controls in a safe and proper manner, it is important to note that I will be discharging my responsibilities to the best of my abilities in line with whatever controls are specified by the government.

This being the case I will be asking clients to accept any remaining level of risk that might exist, bearing in mind that Covid-19 is a novel virus and the scientific community is still learning about its transmission.

Of course, the decision to attend a studio-based class will rest entirely with you as my clients. Should you have any reservations whatsoever, please note that I propose to continue to offer virtual Zoom classes and I will work with you to provide a solution that you are comfortable with. Choosing not to come to the studio will certainly not exclude you from participating.

It is of course important that anybody who proposes to attend a studio-based class is not exhibiting any symptoms of illness whatsoever, whether these be the ‘classic’ Covid-19 symptoms that have been well publicised, or indeed milder symptoms, since people exhibit differently.

I will reserve the right to refuse access to anybody who in my opinion is exhibiting symptoms.

I am soon to launch a registration system for all clients and as part of this registration you will be asked to formally accept that the risks associated with Covid-19 cannot be entirely eliminated in a studio-based class, however diligently any specified controls are applied by Jo Roberts Pilates.

Attending a studio-based class will, therefore, be at the clients’ own risk.
Download PDF copy of Covid-19 Notice

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