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The complete mat method works every muscle group in the body with special attention to the muscles that stabilise the joints.

My Matwork class involves well-designed choreographed movements. Through instruction you will learn how to perform the movements effectively and in a balanced sequence.

Students work at their own ability and progressions are given dependent upon individual strengths.

Class spaces are limited to eight students and must be booked in accordance with the instructions on the Prices and Payment page.

Standing Pilates

Pilates can benefit anybody but in some cases working on a mat can be difficult because of reduced mobility. My Standing Pilates class has been designed to cater for anybody in this category and has proved to be a great success.

Advanced Pilates

This class is suitable for students who are confident with their Pilates practice and want to challenge themselves with progressive exercises. You are encouraged to try this class, in addition to your normal mat work class. I shall be pleased to discuss the class in more detail if you are unsure whether it will be suitable for you.

Pilates, Body, Mind & Soul now operating as Jo Roberts Pilates
Classes at "Studio, r/o 402 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, HA5 24HP"

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