What can doctors do for your back pain? Not as much as you can

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What can doctors do for your back pain? Not as much as you can

Guardian Article - Back Pain
Opioids don’t work. Surgery and injections rarely do, and scans are unnecessary. Better to get moving.

These are the views of Ranjana Srivastava, an Australian oncologist, as expressed in an article in the Guardian.
And this is what one of those commenting on the article wrote:

After 3-4 months of lower back pain (disk or pinched nerve) involving chiro, physio, inversion table, stretches, and pain killers - all without success - I saw a fitness trainer on Youtube who said a lot of back pain can be traced to weak glutes because of our sedentary lifestyle, which affects our posture and the load on our backs.

He outlined a series of glute and lower back exercises which within a week or two had me back to normal. I've kept them up, and since then there were a few times when I did something and felt that familiar twinge - but it is only momentary and then all is OK.

Exercise works.


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