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What can doctors do for your back pain? Not as much as you can

Guardian Article - Back Pain
Opioids don’t work. Surgery and injections rarely do, and scans are unnecessary. Better to get moving.

These are the views of Ranjana Srivastava, an Australian oncologist, as expressed in an article in the Guardian.
And this is what one of those commenting on the article wrote:

After 3-4 months of lower back pain (disk or pinched nerve) involving chiro, physio, inversion table, stretches, and pain killers - all without success - I saw a fitness trainer on Youtube who said a lot of back pain can be traced to weak glutes because of our sedentary lifestyle, which affects our posture and the load on our backs.

He outlined a series of glute and lower back exercises which within a week or two had me back to normal. I've kept them up, and since then there were a few times when I did something and felt that familiar twinge - but it is only momentary and then all is OK.

Exercise works.


5 ways pilates can change your body

Another article, this time on the Cosmopolitan site, extolling the virtues of Pilates.
Cosmopolitan Article
What it says:

  • Pilates rebalances your body and helps accelerate your training and recovery periods.
  • Pilates calms your nervous system, reducing your cortisol levels and making it easier to lose weight.
  • Pilates stretches and strengthens to help create the long, lean and sculpted look.
  • Pilates teaches you to control your body and mind which reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Pilates can drastically improve your posture which gives you more energy and keeps your organs healthy.

The key difference between yoga and Pilates

Difference between Pilates & Yoga
Article on the Harpers Bazaar website comparing Yoga and Pilates.

"One is a holistic discipline originating from ancient India, the other a specific physical system devised by a German anatomist in the early 20th century, but there’s much cross-over – and therein lies confusion – between yoga and Pilates."

Both are celebrated for their numerous health benefits, from offering connection to the body and stress relief, to developing flexibility, strength, control and endurance.

Breathe your way to good abs

Interesting short article from the Cosmopolitan website in which a pilates instructor reveals how you can get good abs by changing the way you breathe.
Breathe to good abs
"Since starting Pilates I've come to realise the importance of deep core activation."

"I remember doing 100 curls a day trying to build an aesthetically pleasing abdomen but now understand focusing on the smaller muscles can make such a difference to balance, stability, and getting the most out of your core workouts."

"Recruiting the deep core muscles correctly is essential for all movement patterns in life. Without engaging these muscles we are less stable and more susceptible to injury."

Pilates during pregnancy

Pilates during pregnancy
Why Pilates Is One of The Best Forms of Exercise During Pregnancy

From the Bayside Journal

Pregnancy is not the time to get into shape, however, it’s the time to optimize health habits and that includes a safe exercise program.

One of the safest and most effective ways to stay active is with Pilates. This mind & body method of exercise strengthens the most important muscles that you’ll use during pregnancy and labor: your abdominals, pelvic floor muscles, and back. Pilates also helps women to stay connected to their changing body, improve posture and reduce pregnancy aches and pains.

Celebrity mat work

Hollywood A-listers

Our celebrity and socialite clients are either traveling a lot or they’ve just got a little time between filming,” says the in-demand instructor, who presides over private studios in New York City, the Hamptons, Connecticut, Turks & Caicos, and in September, Los Angeles. “I like the idea of [giving them] five moves that they can do [quickly] because it’s really good to have something that fits into any kind of schedule.”

Real men do Pilates, too

Real men do Pilates
More of us are developing back problems, and men are most at risk – as Joe Shute of the Daily Telegraph found out. He went to see if pilates could help.

"I dismissed it as nothing more than a mutated version of the typical aches and pains any writer gets after a long spell in front of a screen. It was only when I was cycling home that evening and discovered I couldn’t lift my neck properly to assess the oncoming traffic that I realised there might be a more serious problem."

"And so I embarked on the long and – often painful – path that, 12 months later, has brought me to a mat in an upstairs studio of the Light Centre in Belgravia, being urged by my instructor, Sam Webster, to perfect a mermaid stretch and trying not to whimper about the ache in my hamstrings.

For I am now a pilates man. And I am not alone."
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