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Half term
There will be no classes the week of
Monday 27th May to Sunday 2nd June

Other dates for your diary:

There will no classes on the following days
Sunday 9th June
Thursday 20th June - Thursday 27th June
[Classes will resume from Friday 28th June]
Monday 5th August - Sunday 18th August

Last class of summer term
Sunday 4th August

Summer Zoom Timetable (to be advised)
Monday 19th August - Sunday 1st September

First class of autumn term
Monday 2nd September

An Introduction

Hi, my name is Jo Roberts. I'm a CYQ Level 3 qualified Matwork Pilates instructor.

I started Pilates - Body, Mind and Soul as a natural development of a lifetime's interest in exercise. I first studied dance as a child and as I became older went on to experiment with many different fitness regimes.

This interest became a vocation and I have spent the last 25 years teaching and working with children and adults. Showing them that exercise can be both rewarding and fun.

Qualifying as a Pilates Instructor taught me how the human body needs to be nurtured, and that even the simplest of exercises can provide the most amazing results. Being a mum of two, I know full well how our lives can become so preoccupied that we often forget to take care of ourselves.

Join me and learn how to develop inner strength through a manageable exercise regime that will reward your efforts perhaps more than you could imagine.

Mountain Pilates

About Pilates

Pilates is an invigorating form of exercise for your mind and body that can improve your strength, flexibility and overall mobility. It helps restore your body to balance. As a result, your posture will change and you will move more efficiently.

You'll achieve a strong core, develop longer, leaner muscles and improve your overall sense of well-being. And, if you are a sports enthusiast, Pilates can help improve your game.

It is an exercise method, designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance. Based upon an anatomical understanding of the body's muscular and skeletal systems, the Pilates teacher creates a comprehensive exercise programme for the client.

Classes will focus on specific areas individually whilst using exercises that integrate the whole body to re-educate and restore it to optimum muscular and skeletal function.

It is this holistic approach that sets Pilates apart from many other forms of exercise. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and general practitioners recommend Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise today. Pilates can be beneficial for just about everyone, regardless of age and fitness level.

It is a safe and effective exercise method that will enable you to look - and feel - your very best. Best of all, because it gives you such a wonderful sense of well-being, you'll want to do Pilates for the rest of your life.

What Clients Say

I have attended other Pilates classes with different teachers previously before I found Jo’s class. I have been attending since the beginning of 2015 and it is the best class I have been too. Jo is an excellent teacher who is warm, friendly and extremely professional and I have benefitted enormously from attending her classes.
I just wish I could attend more than once a week as I do at present. Jo’s classes are highly recommended.

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I have attended Jo’s classes for about 3 and a half years now. Jo is an extremely professional Pilates’ instructor. Always keeping the classes varied, interesting and very modern. All levels of ability can slot into Jo’s classes and people can work at their own advanced or beginner standard and feel very comfortable with either.
I would really recommend Jo’s classes to anyone!
Since attending Jo’s classes, my back and neck ache have improved considerably and I feel stronger, slimmer and more in touch with my body. Her professional understanding of how the body works is clear from the personal attention she gives to her students, ensuring that individual needs and injuries are taken into consideration and everyone works within their own capabilities. Her friendly yet professional approach means her classes are fun, but we work hard and always leave feeling better than when we arrived!
Jo is a fantastic pilates teacher – warm, friendly and professional; I always feel I am in safe hands. Jo strikes a good balance between letting you progress at your own level as well and helping with appropriate adjustments – whether that’s to encourage you into the correct position, or to offer alternatives bespoke to your own needs. I really enjoy her Pilates classes, which have a friendly, calm and non-competitive atmosphere. I started attending Jo’s classes over 3 years ago due to lower back pain and have never looked back – it has made a huge difference to my life.
I leave each Pilates class feeling really good about myself both mentally and physically and would most definitely recommend Pilates to just about everybody no matter their age or physical health. Jo’s classes are very friendly and this is a big plus to me.
I love Jo’s classes. I’ve been to a few different Pilates' classes and always come back to Jo’s as they are excellent. Jo has helped me become more strong and flexible and manage my back pain throughout my pregnancy and beyond.
I always look forward to the Pilates sessions, not only do I feel the difference in my core strength since I’ve been attending but it is a relaxing hour to yourself with a teacher who has a great knowledge and confidence and always gives you a choice of exercise, depending on your individual capability. A job well done!
Jo’s Pilates' classes are for everyone.
She is a very fun-loving, caring person who is always ready to help and listen to any weakness, problems, aches and pains etc that you may have and will help as best as she can.
She makes the classes interesting and personal to everyone.
Look forward to going every week and wish I had time to fit in more classes. Thanks Jo x
A delightful, welcoming teacher who makes older people feel exercise is achievable and fun.
I really enjoy these classes and feel worse when I’m not attending. My best night’s sleep of the week.
Since doing Pilates with Jo I feel my core strength has improved and my fitness. She is the best Pilates teacher I have found.
Joanne always considers your personal needs and tailors exercises to your fitness, ability and any health problems, whether you have an individual lesson or are in a group.
Jo has helped me for several years.
Apart from any physical benefits, which are very real, her classes have a very valuable social benefit, helping me greatly.
A much valued and true friend.
I have been doing Jo’s Pilates classes for about 2 years now. In that time I have seen a significant improvement in my back problems and I feel longer, leaner and glowing!
Her classes are great fun and friendly and she is a fantastic teacher.
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